Date selection Date selection
Here you can specify a desired timeframe by choosing a start and an end date. The first possible start date is 29-May-1996 and the latest end date 6-August-1996. On the right side you can see the assigned Day of Year respectively.


Data Selection Data Selection
Here you can choose if you want to plot the velocity of several iron ions given below, the average charge state (ACS) of all given iron ions or both. You can only choose iron ions when the velocity checkobx is checked. If you decide to plot velocity and ACS the ACS will be shown in an own panel.

Ion Selection Ion Selection
Here you can decide which iron ion velocity you want to be plotted. Note: The ion selection is only enabled when the velocity checkbox is checked.

Time Settings Time Settings
You can choose between two time formats for the x-axis: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Day of Year (DoY) since the first measurement. Additionally you have the ability to choose different cadences. The data will then be averaged in steps given by the cadence selector.

Time format:

Plot Settings Plot Settings
You can set the linestyle of the plotted data. By enabling 'Advanced Options'-Checkbox you can set the y-axis range manually. Note: If you want Python to set the values automatically just disable the 'Advanced Options'-Checkbox.